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It is situated in Hasmasu Mare Mountains, near the town of Gheorgheni, Harghita County, 323 km away from Bucharest.This is the largest natural mountain lake in Romania.The “living stones” are also called “the stones that grow”.

Equally impressive are the paintings that decorate the ruins, embodying angels and biblical scenes. The Bears’ Cave – Ursilor cave, Bihor County Known as one of the most spectacular sights of the Romanian Apuseni Mountains, the Bears’ Cave is located near Chiscau, in Bihor County, at an altitude of 482 meters.

Castrul Roman Porolissum can be found in Salaj County, in Mirsid. Vidra Lake, Valcea County The Vidra Lake is a men-made lake, dating from 1972.

The lake is 30 km away from Voineasa resort in Valcea County, between Lotrului, Latoritei rivers and Capatanii Mountains.

The cemetery’s name comes from the colorful crosses and the satirical poetry that is written on them.

After the cross is carved, it is usually painted in blue, the so-called “Blue Sapanta”.

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Tourists can travel through the entire gorge using one of the few steam trains in Romania, “Mocanita de la Viseul de Sus”, that departs daily from Viseul de Sus village, reaching Novat, Faina and even Macarlau.

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